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Bill Berry — Owner in Waterloo, NY

Bill Berry


Finger Lakes Novelty & Printing in Waterloo, NY can help preserve your memories forever. Enshrine lovely keep-sakes with images of your family, pets or any design you desire. With custom designs and hundred of products to choose from, I can help promote any business to help drive more sales.

Wedding Memories

Wine Bottle Stopper - Custom Printing in Waterloo, NY

Wine Bottle Stopper

Glass Cutting Board - Custom Printing in Waterloo, NY

Glass Cutting Board

Hand Wash Only

Do Not Microwave

Coaster Set - Custom Printing in Waterloo, NY

6 set Coaster Set

Chrimast Ornament - Custom Printing in Waterloo, NY

Christmas Ornament



I would like to explain the process of the printing technique used on the products I sell. The name of the process is called sublimation and is unlike any other printing process. Sublimation is not a topical application process and there are no adhesive qualities. The ink is actually a dye transferred through heat and direct contact with a polymer coated item. The ink is then chemically bonded to the product. Sublimation ink turns from a solid gas without going through the liquid phase. Unlike other printed products the ink cannot be felt so it will not scratch off. Once the product is sublimated the image remains indefinitely.
Please browse through the catalog to view the vast amount of products available for your printing need. View the entire website also for other custom printed product choices readily available for purchasing.
Finger Lakes Novelty and Printing supplies creative custom printed products of the highest quality to promote your business, fundraiser, event, gifting, or personal forever memory keepsake!

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